For questions regarding registration, abstract submission, or local logistics (travel, lodging, etc.), email:

Meriem Alaoui (LOC chair) at

For questions regarding the scientific program or working groups, email:

Albert Y. Shih (SOC chair) at

For questions regarding this website or the SPHERE consortium, email:

Amir Caspi (SPHERE Steering Committee) at


Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • Albert Y. Shih (chair; NASA/GSFC)
  • Meriem Alaoui (UMD)
  • Amir Caspi (SwRI)
  • Bin Chen (NJIT)
  • Sophie Musset (ESA)
  • Vanessa Polito (BAERI)
  • Marc Swisdak (UMD)
  • and the Topical Session Leaders


Local Organizing Committee:

  • Meriem Alaoui (LOC chair; UMD)
  • Marc Swisdak (UMD)
  • Kelly Hedgepeth (UMD, CVS)
  • Jennifer Bradley (UMD, CVS)
  • Joseph Criscuoli (UMD, CVS)


SPHERE Steering Committee:

  • Amir Caspi (SwRI)
  • Steven Christe (NASA/GSFC)
  • Lindsay Glesener (UMN)
  • Silvina Guidoni (American U.)
  • Säm Krucker (FHNW, UCB/SSL)
  • Kathy Reeves (SAO)
  • Pascal Saint-Hilaire (UCB/SSL)
  • Albert Y. Shih (NASA/GSFC)
  • Amy Winebarger (NASA/MSFC)


Hosted by UMD and SwRI (Boulder).